Some people were confused if this website was just a coincidence or not XD.

Hi there!

Hey, you made it! That's really great and cool and stuff.

Welcome to my puzzle website. A few things you might want to know before getting started:

Now that you are here, you will not need to leave this website until you have the scrap.tf url that links you to my secret raffle

1. All passwords entered will only contain lowercase letters, numbers, or both.

2. Pro tip: Record your passwords and urls

3. Headphones are recommended. (But don't crank 'em, okay?)

4. I have done my very best to make this puzzle as challenging as possible, but still solvable WITHOUT HINTS.
If a puzzle seems too difficult, try thinking about it in a different way. I have done my best to add hints all over.
Also, since I made this site, everything is intentional, though that is not to say there aren't any red herrings.

5. If you need help, Google is your friend. You may also visit the help section of this site
(although you'll just get made fun of) The extension is /help.html

6. If you still need help, you may add me on Steam, though I will not give answers out.
Please DO NOT post anything that gives anything away on my profiles (or anywhere, really).
If I hear that a certain puzzle is too difficult, I will add a hint to the site.

7. Take your time. Seriously. If you are here, you know the URL to this site, then you're fine. Seriously. You've got time ;) (HINT HINT)

8. This puzzle was built using Chrome. I do not know how well it plays with Firefox, IE, etc. I recommend using Chrome to solve the party.

Good luck, have fun, and thanks for playing.


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